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Hot Yoga Naples

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  • 6634 Willow Park Dr, Ste. 100
    Naples, FL 34109
  • 239-596-4549

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Our Studio

A Professional Yoga Studio Serving Naples, FL and Beyond

How Yoga Eases Everyday Tension

To us, yoga is a lifestyle. It is a holistic discipline coupled with a moving meditation, to connect you to spirit. Yoga can be experienced and enjoyed in many different ways and it’s a customizable process that can be fully modified to address the needs of every individual practitioner. That’s why Hot Yoga Naples offers Bikram yoga (26&2), Core Play, Advanced Practice, Happy Hips, ShapeShifting, and Inferno Hot Pilates. Escape the stress and anxiety of the everyday and enter our yoga studio to reconnect with yourself on the mat. Our experienced yoga instructors welcome everyone into our community and we proudly offer classes for everyone – we invite all body types and people with current health conditions.

We care about our environment. We have state of the art UV light technology purification systems in the yoga room and and lobby/changing areas. If you’re interested, read more here: Remi- Hallo’s REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier | RGF .

We purify the room every evening with Ozone and Hydroxyl machines leaving a totally clean and crisp environment to breathe and work hard in.

Thanks for checking out our studio!

Studio Etiquette

Below are a few things to assist you in creating the best possible experience while you’re here:

  • You may bring water into class with you; however, the teacher will inform you of the 3 water breaks.

  • Yoga is achieved through stillness – therefore we don’t recommend hand towels for wiping sweat.

  • The Studio Opens and Closes 30 mins before and after class

  • Please NO cell phones in the Yoga room. In addition, please turn off your cell phones and put your watches in Airplane mode.

  • Please leave all personal belongings in the lobby or changing rooms.

  • No fragrances in class.

  • Plan to stay in class the entire time.

  • Please do not talk in the yoga room.

  • Find a spot in the yoga room, quietly, respecting those around you. Place your mat on the line, 1/3 of the way over the line.

  • Please be timely, we lock the doors at class start time.

When everyone understands and respects these rules, we know that every member of the class will leave feeling confident, connected, and changed for the better.

Our Studio Amenities

  • Towels for rent or purchase.

  • Mats for rent or purchase.

  • A small boutique with men’s and women’s apparel.

  • Shower facilities fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

  • Water, Juice, Nooma products, Organic Coconut water and a grab and go bars for sale.

  • A water cooler to refill your bottle.

Kathie Wagner

I have been into fitness and health all of my adult life and started my fitness career teaching Aerobics in the 80’s! I was a personal trainer and participated in nearly every fitness trend over the years. I took my first Bikram class in 2010 and was immediately hooked. I attended Bikram’s 9 week training in Acapulco. Teaching became as much a passion as practicing. I have recently relocated from NJ to Florida and am excited about continuing my teaching and practicing here full time.

Ursula Sobieski

My yoga is my family, my family is my yoga! Incorporating yoga in my life helped me find new dimensions, new friends, new goals. Helped me find myself.

Sheila Sager

Sheila Sager began her Bikram Yoga practice, June 2009, to rehabilitate her knee after having surgery. She used Bikram Yoga as a tool to restore full range of motion to her knee and noticed the physical and emotional benefits of the practice right away. She has always known deep in her heart, that her purpose in life is to help people heal themselves. After completing her Teacher Training in the spring of 2010 she immediately became a full-time Bikram teacher. Since then she has earned certifications in Health Coaching, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, PyroPilates, Pregnancy, Advanced and Intermediate Series from the Bikram Yoga lineage.

Having healed her body from injuries ranging from a meniscus tear to ruptured and herniated discs and sciatica, Sheila believes in using yoga and proper holistic health education to improve mind, body and spirit. Every day brings a new experience. Sharing the incredible health benefits of Yoga and Pilates is fulfilling to Sheila. She loves her yoga life and takes joy in watching people grow as they practice.

Jennette Gluski

Trained Fall 2006, LA, California. Yoga entered my life in 2001 and I’ve never looked back. My first class was a struggle and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. It took a whole year for me to get to my second class. Since the second class I have been working with myself in some hot room, somewhere around the world. Yoga is the journey to the Self that allows us more freedom. I’m blessed to be able to share my years of experience and love for the work we do here. I’ve had the amazing gift of being totally immersed in Bikram Yoga and riding all the waves of life through this lens.

Janice Robinson

My introduction to Yoga was much different than most people… In 1999 I had been working well over a decade in my Real Estate Business when in the door walked a new potential customer from California. We talked a while and set out to find him the perfect home! As we drove and looked at properties, he began to tell me about this amazing Yoga that he had learned while in Califoria. He further challenged me to try it once he had his new home ready and a room dedicated to the practice. With alot of skeptisism….I went and tried what was called Bikram Yoga. The first class was done via a CD of Bikram in 1995 teaching a class. I found it to be very difficult and afterwards very rewarding. I truly was amazed!! My whole life was spent in activies like Sports and running…things that break the body down. I could feel the difference in the way my body felt by performing the Yoga poses and the heat. I felt clean and renewed…not run down. At that time there were only 2 Yoga Schools in Florida… Key West and Sarasota!! My first 4 years I practiced in my bathroom with CD’s!! In the summer of 2004 I decided to go out to LA and take the teacher training directly from Bikram. I did the training strictly for my own personal growth and discovery. I never planned on becoming a “Teacher” of the Yoga.

It wasn’t long before it was revealed to me through my meditation practice that teaching would be a great way to give back to the community and I was encouraged to do it over and over again.In my mind…the only problem with this revelation was that I was NOT a natural teacher and I was very hesitant to even try. In the Fall of 2005 I was asked to teach at a new school just opening in Massachusetts…so I did. After the first class …I knew it was the right thing to do!!

I have been teaching ever since. I have learned alot over the last 18 years and I continue to learn and grow. The Yoga will open you up to so many possibilities over a lifetime. Just stick with it!!

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